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Zenith Zephyr Styled Bed # AS17

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Material: Keekar Wood, Ash Vinear, Mate Finish


Introducing the Zenith Zephyr Styled Bed # AS17 – a beautifully crafted double bed that exudes elegance and sophistication. Constructed with a solid keekar wood structure, both the headboard and footboard ensure robustness and longevity for the entire bed frame. To enhance its aesthetic appeal, the bed is adorned with an ash veneer finish, resulting in a mesmerizing high gloss look that effortlessly enhances the overall ambiance.

Boasting clean lines and a minimalist design, the Zenith Zephyr Styled Bed # AS17 effortlessly adapts to any bedroom decor style, making it an incredibly versatile furniture piece. Whether you seek a contemporary and chic bed or a more traditional and timeless design, the Zenith Zephyr Styled Bed # AS17 serves as an exquisite statement piece, instantly elevating the visual appeal and atmosphere of your bedroom.

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Full Bed Set, Bed + Side Table


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