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Dining Table

As the name indicates dining tables are used for feasting. They come in different styles, shapes, and seating capacities. However, the choice depends on the need and use. Dining tables are usually placed in the dining rooms, but in some houses where there is no separate dining room, these tables are placed in drawing rooms. Dining tables make your dining room and drawing room beautiful. These days dining tables are the basic needs of every home. You can manage your meal with every disciplined. Some houses do have not much space for dining tables but here at Lahore furniture, you can get all kinds of sizes of dining tables.

Dining table set in Pakistan

So what should for look for when you are planning to buy a complete and modern dining table set? The most important thing in our sight is the dining table and chair size. The standard size of a dining table is 28 inches and 33 inches from the ground. Similarly, the seat height of a dining table chair from the ground is between 16 inches and 23 inches from the ground.

Wooden Dining Table

If you are looking for a decent wooden dining table for your home then you should visit the Lahore furniture store and purchase a beautiful dining table. As you know kikar wood is the most demanded wood in the market. I also like wooden dining tables Some people prefer a Sheesham wood dining table, while others for yellow pine wood. You must note that Sheesham wood gives a darker tone when finished with polish. However, you can get any wooden dining table.

Glass Dining Table

Some people like glass dining tables. Glass table top is good because it's easier to clean and durable for long-term use. You can go for 8mm glass or 12mm glass because the dining table has to bear the weight of utensils and other food items.

Small Dining Table

Some people have a small house and they buy small furniture products for their homes. If you have fewer family members and less space to accommodate a small dining table. Lahore furniture can provide you with two seats on the dining table.

Dining Table designs

A dining table is a table the designs make your meal perfect and nice Lahore furniture provides you with different elegant designs which make your home perfect. These tables are frequently seen near a kitchen or dining area, or in front of the fireplace. The dining tables really wide in size, and shape. A wide and classy dining table makes your house attractive. Designs are very valuable for every buyer. There are different varieties of dining tables in the market but here at Lahore furniture, you can get metallic, glass, and wooden dining tables in hundreds of designs.

Modern Dining Table

Here at Lahore furniture, we believe that modern furniture is better than simple. Every customer wants that furniture product which is according to their requirements. Modern dining tables make your place modern and perfect touch.