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One of the best ways to add that extra oomph to any room is to place a beautiful lamp. Designer lamps complete the look and feel of the space with incredible panache yet without being as obviously eye-catching as a crystal chandelier. Although not too commonly used before in recent years lamps have gained popularity in Pakistan. Historically seen as a mark of wealth and abundance. Lamps have become a part of Pakistan's aesthetic sense. You need to know the basics of how to use lamps in your home.

Table Lamps design and buy

Table lamps are very unique nowadays. However, if you are buying a high-end piece, Make sure it is a versatile one that will go well with a wide range of color palettes. Neutral colors like beige work well for shades whereas metallic finishing on the bodies does nicely for this purpose. If you are buying a table lamp with a ceramic base, then it's a good idea to find contrasting colors rather than matching ones. While buying table lamps for the room make sure the source of the light is well-shaded. This is because exposure to sharp light around bedtime is known to have a negative impact on the quality of rest and sleep. lamps for study which have a focal light that makes your eyes relaxable. It's very good for your eyesight to have crisp lightning while you read or work. Table lamps for kids' rooms are easiest to buy and select easily.

Difference between study table lamp and room table lamp

If you are buying table lamps from Lahore furniture. You should have a clear understanding of the difference between types of table lamps. The primary difference between study table lamps and lamps for bedrooms is based on the kind of light you need in each scenario. Study tables or work desks should have a crisp, bright light that comes directly from the source. Study lamps should have no diffusers although they should have diffusers or dimmers to ensure that you are not exposed to overly bright and stimulating light around bedtime. A warm glow is good to have by your bed but the bright light disturbs your quality of sleep. Here is the difference between a study table lamp and a room table lamp.

Types of lamps

Lahore furniture table lamps are usually classified on two criteria. In terms of materials, they are ceramic table lamps, marble table lamps, glass table lamps, metal lamps, and more. Table lamps with fabric shades are also a type of table lamp that’s based on the material of the lamp. Sometimes the type may be determined by the color of the lamp’s body, such as the gold table lamp. In recent times you may even find a category named “LED” table lamps. Lahore furniture has very attractive and unique lamps. I personally used it and I totally satisfied.